JustHome Frequently Asked Questions


JustHome inspires you with home and renovation ideas and help find proven home professionals and beautiful furniture for your home.

Once you have signed up or logon to JustHome, start searching for ideas to your home under “Renovation Ideas”. With all the ideas carefully selected and categorized for your convenience, pick and choose which area of the home that you are interested to begin from.

Within the category, all contractors with that experience are listed vertically. To view their work, simply click on an image. This is a good time to review their profile and once you are satisfied, you can simply get in touch with them by clicking their phone number on the contractor page.

It depends on the contractors. Some are happy to provide a free estimate but not all will do that. Speak to your prospective contractor and ask about their policy.

Every contractor will have a star rating on their profile page. The more stars a contractor have would mean they have successfully completed jobs that meet their customer’s satisfaction.It is good to take time to read some of the comments left behind by their customers.

Absolutely not. JustHome is a free service for all homeowners to find ideas and home professionals.

No. As JustHome is a free service to all homeowners, we are not able to screen and validate every home professional using our service. However, we pledge to do our best to only work with high quality professionals. Any professional that abuses this service can be removed immediately without any prior warning. JustHome Management has the final discretion.